On December 30, 1992, Dylan Farrow told the police that during the summer of 1991 she witnessed a sexual relationship between Woody Allen and Soon Yi.


The story emerged after police gave Dylan anatomically-correct dolls in the course of an interview and she introduced the penis of one doll into the vagina of the other. When the police asked Dylan how she knew that the proper way to place the dolls was to insert one's penis into the vagina of the other, the girl explained that she knew it from having witnessed the aforementioned sexual encounter between Woody Allen and Soon Yi


It was at that moment that she said that she saw her father put his penis in Soon Yi. Dylan concluded:


Dylan's statement is not true, does not correspond to events actually happened and someone had to influence her to make it, as it emerges beyond any doubt of the documentation that appears in the judicial proceedings.

There are at least two independent ways to prove that Dylan did not witness that encounter between Woody Allen and Soon Yi, which means that it was not through that experience that she discovered that the boy's penis is inserted into the vagina of the girl ; She did not discover for herself that doing that was "behaving like a boyfriend" and did not discover that it was something her father did with Soon Yi.

1 / The first way to demonstrate that Dylan Farrow did not witness a sexual relationship between Woody Allen and Soon Yi in the summer of 1991 is found in the Judgment of Appeal, which contains the conclusions on the date on which both began their sexual relations . It can not be forgotten that Mia Farrow initiated a legal proceeding to annul Dylan and Moses' adoptions by Woody Allen and that the basis of that claim was that Allen would have initiated his sexual relationship with Soon Yi before the adoptions (which ended in December 1991). The date of the beginning of that relationship was subjected to an intensive trial in the judicial proceeding and the conclusion was included in the sentence of appeal of the case of custody: Woody Allen and Soon Yi began their sexual relationship in December of 1.991.

In December 1991 two events coincided. Mr. Allen's adoptions of  Dylan  and  Moses  were  finalized  and  Mr.  Allen  began his  sexual relationship with their sister Soon-Yi Previn.(4)

Woody Allen and Soon Yi began their sexual relationship in December of 1991, therefore Dylan could not have witnessed any sexual encounter in the several months previous. She did not get her knowledge about the boyfriend inserting his penis into the vagina of the girlfriend through that experience, nor could she have deduced from that non-existent experience that this was something that made a couple. Nor did she  learn this way that Woody Allen and Soon Yi “performed” that act in particular.
Therefore this also signifies that someone told Dylan the penis of the male doll should be inserted into the vagina of the female doll. Someone told her this was what a boyfriend does, and someone told her this was what Woody Allen was doing with Soon Yi, and a person also told her that it was wrong for Woody Allen to do it, because it is something parents do not do.

There cannot be much doubt that someone made up the story that Dylan had witnessed the encounter, and that Dylan repeated it, maybe even believed it. But, to be sure, as demonstrated above, it never happened.

2 / There is, at least, a second way to show that Dylan Farrow did not witness that sexual relationship and that the whole episode is a consequence of some form of coaching.
In September 1992, the Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Yale New Haven Hospital received a request from the Connecticut prosecution to analyze the testimony of Dylan Farrow in relation to the allegation of sexual abuse against Woody Allen.

The clinic conducted an investigation that lasted seven months and in March of 1992 they issued its report after having interviewed Dylan Farrow on nine occasions. Among the questions that the clinic professionals analyzed was Dylan's knowledge of sexual relationships and what she understood to be the relationships between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The conclusion was clear:

For Dylan, girlfriend-boyfriend love was kissing and hugging. (5)

When the Yale New Haven team does their exploration, the love between boyfriend and girlfriend is for Dylan a matter of kisses and hugs. There is no mention of penises that are introduced into the vagina or that this behavior is specific to boyfriends and girlfriends. At the time of the exploration Dylan did not have that knowledge about sexuality, she did not know that the boyfriend introduced his penis into the vagina of the girlfrind, did not know that this was specific to the "boyfriends" and did not know that Woody Allen had done that with Soon Yi or that was something that was wrong.
Dylan's last interview at Yale New Haven took place on November 13 and Dylan's narration to the police on December 30. Between November 13 and December 30 someone instructed Dylan to tell the story as if it were a lived experience and narrate the police as a fact that she had witnessed something that never happened. Someone also indicated her the moral assessment that should be given to the story. Who could have reasons and occasion to do something like that?

3 / There are other elements that should make us doubt the story, for example, it is amazing that after being questioned by the police with anatomical dolls throughout the autumn, every weekend as Kristi Groteke tells us, practically in the last time (we do not know that the interviews with the police would continue in 1993) Dylan supposedly made on her own initiative something totally new and different from everything she had done before, introducing the penis into the vagina and making a moral assessment of that behavior. The behavior of the girl caused the police to ask her "How she knew what went where", leaving clear evidence that in all the previous sessions she had not given any sign of having that knowledge.


All the facts that have been exposed are accredited in the judicial proceedings and there is only one possible conclusion: Dylan was instructed to tell a story in which she narrated certain facts that had never happened; that someone explained to her some facts relative to sexual behavior that she did not know previously; and that she was told this is what Woody Allen did with Soon Yi, and that it was wrong. Someone also convinced her to lie to the police, or convinced her to think that what she told them had really happened.

While it is true that none of the above proves that the allegation of abuse of August 4, 1992 arose in the same way, there can be no reasonable doubt that Dylan was instructed to lie and to present as true a fact that never happened. This should arouse enough doubt in anyone with a minimum of critical sense.



(6) Kristi Groteke, Mia & Woody. Love and betrayal, page 172