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  THE INTERVIEW THAT WILL NEVER BE I have allowed myself to make use of the questions Robert Weide answered in "The Interview that Never Happened" to give my own answer to those same questions, not because I think Robert Weide's answers are incorrect, but because I believe it is possible to pose the answers in another way. Obviously, no one will ever give me an interview on this subject, but perhaps for those who read it, my small contribution may help to shed some light on the issues raised. Q: During the scandal -who had the louder PR machine? Mia or Woody? Or were they equally strong?   That is a question that anyone must be able to answer for themselves. I'm going to pose ten fundamental questions about the facts regarding the allegation against Woody Allen and   two possible answers, and depending on which answer you choose - and which you think most of the public would choose - the answer to the original question will answer itself.   1.- Before August

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